Ms. Watanabe

29-05-2015 13:17

Is a doctor available at the hotel?

29-05-2015 13:18

We have a doctor on call 24 hours.

Mr. Henri

29-05-2015 13:15

How much parking space is available at the hotel?

29-05-2015 13:16

Our spacious parking lot can accommodate up to 100 cars.

Mr. Zettai Kareshi

29-05-2015 10:47

Do you have wireless Internet access available?

29-05-2015 13:10

Yes, we offer Wifi access in all rooms with no additional charge.

Ms. Sara

17-11-2014 17:59

What are the restaurants in your hotels?

17-11-2014 18:00

We offer a wide range of international cuisines for your all-day dinning demand including: - Benkay: Japanese Restaurant - Tao-Li : Chinese Restaurant - La Brasserie: International Restaurant